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Living with Diligence takes advantage of affiliate programs and other ways to generate revenue when sharing products with you. By clicking on a link on our page and then making a purchase you are helping to support our site by telling the companies you purchase from that our site is where you heard about the product. Like a referral fee, there is no additional cost to you but we earn a small percentage of the sale. Our opinions remain our own and do not reflect the opinions of the owners or creators of the products and services we are sharing.


We do our best to keep Living with Diligence a place where open and honest discussions can occur. We try to make our comment section a place where our readers can interact with each other in a positive and family friendly environment. Please remain civil when making comments on any of our posts. We reserve the right to moderate or remove any comments and their authors that we feel do not contribute to the environment we are wishing to create. We also reserve the right to block repeat offenders from commenting on future posts. Offenses that could get your comment deleted include, but are not limited to:

  • hate speech, racial slurs, or other derogatory terms
  • any thing that encourages or threatens violence or self-harm
  • profanity
  • personal attacks toward the authors of the blog or other commentors
  • self promotion or link sharing that is not related to the topic being discussed
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