What I’ve learned from my 13 year old: Malia edition.

☆Be excited about new opportunities. It won’t hurt and it’s better than being scared.

☆ You’re happier when you forgive.
☆ Making new friends is easy if you just take time to get to know somebody.
☆ Always be yourself.

Some other interesting things about Malia.

☆ She is the child most likely to leave me a love note in an unexpected place.
☆ We sent her to a church summer camp this summer where she was the only girl from our stake to go. (Normally there are several girls from each stake.) Some of her leaders were concerned about her not having any friends up there, but she saw it as a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. It was a wonderful experience and she had a great time.
☆ She is developing into quite a young woman. Always willing to help, cheer someone up, and set a great example for others.

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