What I’ve learned from my 1 year old: Molly edition.

☆The best time to practice standing up by yourself is in bed when everyone else is trying to sleep.
☆That’s also a really good time to sing songs, tell stories, and do anything else you can think of that makes lots of noise.
☆Licking someone’s face is how you show them you love them.
☆If you can’t get to their face it’s acceptable to pull their hair instead.
☆When you’re not sleeping, play. When you’re not playing, sleep. Life is too short to not enjoy every waking moment.
☆When in doubt, laugh.

Some other fun things about Molly.
☆I’ve never seen a child who loved playing peek-a-boo as much as this one. She hides behind her own hands, blankets, phones, or anything else she can get her hands on. If she can’t find anything to hold in front of her face she’ll bury it in your chest, leg, or the couch cushions. When she comes out of hiding she has a huge smile on her face. Games of peek-a-boo can last much longer than you would expect from a 1 year old too.

☆As of today she has 2 teeth and no sign of any more coming in. She is also the first of my 5 children to get cranky while teething.
☆There is a whole lot of jabbering going on. She says mamamamama when she wants mom and dadadadada when she wants dad. She also says uh-oh a lot, probably because she likes it when we repeat it.

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