Beyond the Photo – Zoo Train

I present to you our zoo train family selfie.

Zoo Train Family Selfie

Back Row: Malia, Chloe, Robert; Middle Row: Mike, Molly, Maxx, Constance; Front Row: Me

Just a quick snapshot of our family as we boarded the train at the end of our latest trip to the zoo. Something quick to capture us all together. It’s a snapshot of our faces, but beyond the photo is a snapshot of our lives and what we’re doing.

Molly – 6 months old, likes to bounce, sit outside, jabber, and blow raspberries, also wiggles around a lot and always on the go.

Chloe – 2 years old, will talk your ear off if you let her, knows just what she wants, and wakes up way too early in the morning.

Maxx – 5 years old, loves pointing out the letters in his name when he sees them, into all things super hero, Star Wars or Lego, and has a really hard time sitting still.

Constance – 8 years old, starts reading a new book almost every day but hasn’t finished very many, enjoys creating art in any medium she can get her hands on, and still hasn’t outgrown the curious phase. (I hope she never outgrows the curious phase, but look forward to the day she can better search for answers without my help.)

Malia – 12 years old, spent her birthday at Girls Camp, it seems she turned from my little girl into a beautiful young lady overnight, and rarely has her nose outside of a book.

Robert – 16 years old, lives with his mom in Arizona but spent the last month with us, getting ready to start his junior year of high school and will be spending most of his day in theater classes.

Mike – works hard for our family at Yesco, still enjoys his comic books and other geekery.

Me – staying home to be mom and teacher, current projects include revamping our family’s daily schedule and homeschool expectations.

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