Beyond the Photo

I had my TV on the other day and caught a blip of something about cameras and memory. The basic gist of what was said is that sometimes the simple act of taking a picture can be detrimental to remembering the moment it was taken. As our minds focus on the task of dealing with the camera they can’t also store that moment in our memory the same way they would without the photo. It got me thinking about many of my favorite photos. I can tell you who is in most of them. I can tell you about when they were taken, but I don’t remember as much about the story behind some of them.

In an effort to be better about recording some of those moments. I’m going to start sharing some of my favorite photos and record what you can’t see in the picture. I call it Beyond the Photo.

First up, a picture I took today and posted on social media.


Who: Molly
When: May 30, 2014, about 2:30 pm
Where: In my lap in the big red chair in our living room
What you don’t see in the picture:
1. Her mouth is open even wider than it looks because her hand was pulling her lip down.
2. Her fingernails are longer than any baby’s fingernails should be because she will only let me cut 1 or 2 at a time and then it only seems they are short enough for a day or two.  Amazingly she doesn’t actually scratch herself often.
3. More than once while laying in my lap she opened her eyes, glared at me, then closed them again because I tried to shift my weight into a more comfortable position.
4. She pulled the binky out of her own mouth.
5. As soon as she woke up she wanted out of my lap.

What’s the story behind one of your favorite photos from this week?

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