Rethinking Social Media

I am not a social media guru. I just know what I like and what works for me as a user. What I’m doing right now is not working for me. My time is divided between several different social media sites and sometimes between multiple accounts on a site. What started as a fun way to keep in contact with family and friends has turned into something that consumes way too much time for the purpose it fulfills. So, I’m rethinking how and why I use social media and coming up with a plan that will hopefully keep time spent to a minimum, but still make it fun for me. So, here’s what is staying, what is going, and what is changing for me. Feel free to share you social media strategies in the comments.

General Rules

  • If it’s not positive, productive, or meaningful, it’s on the chopping block.
  • Overposters, Negative Nancies, or people who bother me in any way are on the chopping block.
  • I am not obligated to follow everyone who follows me, but I am obligated to be kind and respectful to everyone I interact with online.
  • Only follow people in one place, especially if they post duplicates on every site they post to.

Forums and Message Boards

Gone! The only exception is one that is used regularly and these are my rules for using that site:

  • Sign up for email updates for the categories that are most applicable to me and don’t worry about what is happening in the other categories, especially the off-topic section.
  • Only visit the site when I get an email about a topic I have input on or if I have a specific question I need answered.
  • Avoid creating duplicate posts for others by searching for my questions before making a new post.
  • Keep responses short and meaningful. No “me too” posts or rambling about things other people will probably skim over anyway


Friends and family only! Since that is why I am on Facebook that is all I will use it for.

  • No more liking pages just to enter a contest.
  • No more adding people as friends who should have business pages instead.
  • Only add new friends who are people that I want to keep in touch with. I ask myself, “Is this a person I would be excited to go to dinner with if given the opportunity?” If the answer is no, they probably won’t get added.
  • If I find myself regularly arguing with someone or wishing that I didn’t see their posts so often, don’t feel bad about just removing them.
  • Turn notifications on for immediate family and other close friends who I don’t want to miss. Everyone else’s posts get viewed on an if-I-have-time basis.

For Facebook Groups:

  • Only stick with the ones that provide the most meaningful interactions. Leave behind any that are too busy to keep up with, too slow to get any response from, or too full of negativity to fit my personal goals.


This is where the fun happens! Brands, celebrities, and other random stuff that I find interesting will be followed here.

  • If someone does nothing but retweet contests or promote their products, I’ll unfollow them.
  • If I find myself regularly scrolling past someone’s tweets for any reason, I’ll unfollow them.
  • No guilt in declaring twitter bankruptcy and skipping back to the top of my feed.


On the fence. I see potential for using this as another site to keep up with friends and family, but not many people post there yet. I’m keeping my account open, but using the same basic rules I do for Facebook.


Gone! It was fun, but doesn’t provide the same level of meaningful interaction I get other places. If you want to see pics you’ll have to catch them here or on one of the other sites I’m keeping.


Where I organize ideas, not where I go to search for ideas.

  • Create boards that make sense to me.
  • Pin ideas I find other places onto Pinterest as a way to keep myself organized.
  • Again, no following or pinning just to enter a contest. Keep my boards and pins meaningful to me.
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