A Note to my Followers

flowerYou’ve probably noticed a lack of posts from me in your readers, email, or on Facebook. If you are a close friend of mine you may also have noticed that my posts on my Facebook Timeline, Instagram, and Twitter have also dwindled and are mostly sharing, retweeting, or just commenting on things others have posted.

I’ve never tried to keep it a secret that I am an introvert by nature. I need my time alone, I need my quiet, and with the exception of my immediate family who I love so dearly I think I could go a while without any outside contact and be quite content. People don’t always understand how I could be happy spending so much time at home, but it really is the place I’m most comfortable, and there are times when I need that comfort more than others.

Apparently, I’m right in the middle of one of those times now. I feel a need to withdraw a bit and share less. There are things I am normally passionate about and love to share, like home schooling and healthy living, that don’t require I share any personal information and I’m not feeling the passion I have in the past. There are several drafts of posts in my queue that contain tidbits of thoughts or articles that I read that I want to expand on, but I just can’t find the words to do it now. I’ve even spent a considerable amount of time writing and rewriting this post in my head as well as debating whether or not to post it at all.

My husband and I have talked about the possibility of depression, and I’m not sure that’s it. I think it’s more likely that our family has gone through a lot of change and stress in the last little while, and my mind and body are telling me that they need some time to recuperate and get back to normal. I’m generally happy, I feel like as an individual I’m on the right path, and as a family we are where we need to be now. We are doing well, going about our days much as we always have, and taking time to enjoy the learning and growing that we are doing in the moment.

So, please be patient with me while I circle the wagons, recenter myself, and find a new balance between wanting to be a part of your lives and needing to keep to myself as well.

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