In Which We Discover Something Unexpected About Ourselves

This crazy thing happened at the end of last year. The company that my husband works for told him they were moving his whole department to a new city. I’ll admit it, we were angry. The city they chose is a place we don’t want to live, and if the job had been there to begin with he wouldn’t have even applied for it. I thought we had dodged a bullet when they said they had changed their mind.

A few weeks ago they announced the move was back on, but instead of wanting the move completed in the next 6 months, they wanted it done in the next 6 weeks. Apparently it was only a matter of time after all. So, what does that mean for our family?

That meant, we had a decision to make. We could

  1. keep the job and follow the company to the new city;
  2. quit the job and try to find a new job in the city where we currently live; or
  3. quit the job and find a job in another city where we would prefer to live.

And this time, instead of having time to wait it out and see if there were other job possibilities, we were on a deadline.

There has been a lot of talking, a lot of weighing of pros and cons, a lot of advice seeking, and a whole lot of praying. Through that process we’ve come to an important conclusion. Up until now, we’ve been a take things as they come family. We’ve never sat down and defined our goals, and we’ve certainly never planned much farther ahead than the coming weekend. While this decision is not an easy one under any circumstances, our lack of family goals made it even harder for us to decide which path would take us where we wanted to go. More importantly, because we haven’t had well-defined goals we have not been able to really settle anywhere, and our kids have missed out on some of the benefits of a more stable family life.

Yesterday morning, Mike made a commitment to his employer to make the move with them. We came to the conclusion that even if we aren’t 100% happy with the city or the company, it’s more important to have the income while we are figuring out what we want out of life. We’re still updating his resume, we’re still looking at job listings to see what else is out there, and we’re going to rely on our faith that God does have a plan for our family and if this move is not part of that plan then He will lead us to the opportunity that is part of His plan.

Now, I guess I better get packing.

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2 thoughts on “In Which We Discover Something Unexpected About Ourselves

  1. I started dragging my son over the surface of the earth when he was about a year and a half. From Spain we went to the Netherlands, from the Netherlands to New Orleans, from New Orleans to Albuquerque and every spring and summer, as you know, I drag him back from there for three months of Netherlands, Spain, Netherlands, then back to Albuquerque. Not to brag, but he is one of the most laid back and relaxed and happy kids I know, in spite of our gypsy nomad life.

    What I have always made sure of is constants within all the dynamics. Where ever he would be, he would have his room with his stuff and there would be a place specific routine. Where ever I took him, it would become “our house there”. Even hotel rooms and airport waiting areas will temporary become “our place to crash”. And I think that is all the magic behind it. No matter where they are taken, you will be there and Mike will be there, the two adult constants in their life. Their siblings will be there. Make sure to not leave one single toy or book or game or blankie behind, no matter how silly. Now is not the time to say goodbye to anything, not binkies, not diapers, nada.

    Also, the more comfortable you will feel about the move (even if you don’t) the more comfortable they will feel. Children have radar when it comes to your mood and emotions. If you approach it as an awesome and exciting new adventure (which in reality, it is, once you two get used to the idea), they will experience it as such and dive right in. You have the advantage of homeschooling, so the whole class is coming with them and they are not saying goodbye to any teacher.

    I said on FB I am considering going to the Pacific Coast at some point. Not tomorrow, but whenever. But right now, we are watching videos of places there, checking out where the libraries are, the best restaurants, I involve him in checking out apartments online and we will gradually ease into the life there, before we even get there. And when he does come there, a lot will be familiar and he will recognize a lot of stuff.

    Ok, my two cents, for what they were worth :0)

  2. Ugh, and what I wanted to say and never did is: Where you are, at any given moment in time, and what you make of that place, is your stable family life. It is dynamic, not static.

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