Fourth Time Around, and Still Learning

This is while I was pregnant with Maxx, no good pictures of the new baby bump yet.

Back in January of 2009 I wrote this post while pregnant with Maxx, comparing some of the things that were different about each pregnancy I had experienced up to that point. As I am experiencing pregnancy number 4 I am again reminded that some things are the same, but some things are very different from one pregnancy to the next.

  1. For a while I wasn’t entirely sure I was pregnant, because there was no morning sickness at all. I have been tired, and occasionally felt a bit blah, but I never actually got sick. So happy about that, especially since I’ve spent time babysitting my sister’s kids and with that many little kids in the house it’s just not good when the person in charge of that many little ones is sick.
  2. During my pregnancies I am always more aware of smells. While pregnant with Malia the smell of fresh garlic cooking would make me sick to my stomach. We had to switch to garlic powder when we wanted that flavor. I don’t remember any specific smells that bothered me with Constance, and I wasn’t really bothered by smell, just more aware of odd smells while pregnant with Maxx, like the smell of the glue on packing tape. My sense of smell is once again heightened, but I haven’t come across any smells that make me sick, or any unusual smells, just noticing everyday smells more.
  3. I’ve been more emotional this time around. I find myself upset about odd things that normally wouldn’t bother me. Just today I sent off an email asking a friend a question and almost started crying when I got a response. Seriously? Crying because I got an answer to my question? Thanks to some wonderful advice from friends I have been able to find some supplements I can take that help keep me a little more level, but I still try to stop and ask myself if my reaction is a normal reaction or based on my high-strung pregnancy emotions.
  4. I don’t think that I am feeling any more movement than with my other kids, but I have noticed one major difference. When I would rub my stomach, most of my other kids would move towards where I had my hand and hang out there. This time, when I start rubbing or poking at my stomach, the baby either hides, or kicks back, hard.
  5. Mike has always been the first to say whether we were having a boy or a girl, and he has always been right. He hasn’t said what he thinks we are having yet, but I find myself wanting to say she and her a lot. And then I think about how nice it would be for Maxx to have at least 1 brother and start wishing for a boy. We did an ultrasound to find out with all our other babies, but part of me wants to just wait and be surprised this time.
  6. Because I am taking the time to learn more about pregnancy and childbirth than I have in the past, I am more torn about how I want labor and delivery to go. I’m spending more time than I have in the past researching care providers and options for birthing. I feel like all the research and time spent worrying will be worth it in the end, but being nearly half way through my pregnancy leaves me feeling like I should have made up my mind by now.

Truth be told, I love being pregnant, and I’m trying to just sit back, relax, and enjoy it. Who knows whether this opportunity will come again.

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