Say Goodbye to the 2!

As of today, I am leaving the 2 behind, and I am taking on a 3. Luckily, the first year with a 3 also includes leaving a 9 behind and taking on a 0, so it’s not quite so overwhelming.

Goodbye, 20’s. You have been wonderful to me. You brought me 3 children I get to spend time with every day, and another 1 who isn’t here, but is still a big part of our family. You took me places I never thought I would go. You brought people into my life that I hope will be there for the rest of my life. You helped shape my life for the better.

Hello, 30’s. I’ve heard other people speak of this time in their lives with dread, but I’m challenging you to make this a wonderful time for me. You have it in you to be even better than the 20’s. Together we will watch children continue to grow. We will finish college. We will nurture old friendships and develop new ones. We will find a home that we love and want to stay in forever. We will make the next 10 years so amazing that when the 40’s come, they’ll be afraid they can’t live up to it.

Welcome to my life, Mr. 3!

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One thought on “Say Goodbye to the 2!

  1. Hi Jennifer, Happy Birthday and welcome to the 30s. Of course, I’m not really there to welcome you because I left the 30s several years ago. The 30s were okay for me. But yours will be better, I’m sure. The 40s have been great for me because that’s when I became a wife and mother.

    And how did I find you here? I clicked on your name at FB at the AO group because your name looked familiar (maybe from the Year 0 or Year 1 group or something?) and then I saw your blog address and then I came here. How’d I do?

    Don’t know if your About page is up to date, but if so, then I will tell you that I also have an 8 year old. Mine is a boy. And a very wonderful boy at that. We just finished AO Year 2 and we’ll begin Year 3 probably in August.

    I look forward to following THAT mom and THAT family here 🙂


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