Perceptive Perspective – Window Light

Have I mentioned that we like to go to the library? Well, we do. This picture was taken during our last trip there.

Yes, we love books.

Yes, we spend lots of time looking at books and reading while we are at the library.

Yes, I also have 1 little artist who likes to color a picture every time we go to the library. Thankfully, the library provides pictures to color and boxes of crayons so we don’t have to remember to bring those things ourselves.

During this particular visit we went a little earlier in the day than usual, so the sun was out and coming through the window at just the right spot to highlight the table where Constance loves to color. Sister Bear (a neighborhood friend) came with us and the two girls were sitting there coloring and I started snapping pictures. Without stopping for even a second, Sister Bear said to Constance, “Your Mom is taking pictures of us.” Constance said nothing. Apparently a mom with a camera is so normal for her that she doesn’t really care. I can handle that.


Click the image to see more takes on the weekly theme.



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6 thoughts on “Perceptive Perspective – Window Light

  1. Great Photo, love the lighting totally fabulous!

  2. Really nice perspective!

  3. Lovely photo, beautiful side lighting.

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