Letting Go of the Fluff

When it comes to blog viewing I am not one who has a few favorites and ignores the rest. Instead I enjoy finding new blogs, reading new perspectives, and adding lots of fluff to my reader. Fluff comes in the form of blogs that I like the concept of, but rarely read. Fluff comes in the form of stuff that could be cool, but is poorly executed. Fluff comes in the form of blogs that were relevant at one time, but when they stopped being relevant I didn’t let them go. The only problem is that there are some days (read: most days) that are just too busy to spend that much time online. When I have days like that, I just skip the blogs and before you know it, there’s quit a collection of information in there.

Last night I sat down in front of my reader after missing just 1 day of viewing, so I had 2 days worth of blogs and there were over 600 entries to check out. As I started going through them I realized that there were a lot of them that I just scrolled right past without reading anything but the title. There were others that I couldn’t remember when or why I subscribed to them in the first place. and there were those that I truly enjoyed reading. So, I decided to do a quick delete/read last night.

There were a couple of categories that I just marked as read without even looking at. There were a few blogs that I did the same thing with. There were a few that I opened up and scrolled through long enough to see that there wasn’t anything interesting. After I was done with my mass delete there were close to 200 entries left. I skimmed through those and went to sleep.

This morning I checked in again and there were already over 100 new entries. I can’t keep up with that many blogs and actually enjoy them, so I decided it was time to let some of them go. I did my usual scan of everything that was new, and then I started to go through the list 1 feed at a time to decide which were worth keeping.

I dumped everything that hadn’t been updated since 2010 (with a few exceptions for friends who I know just don’t post often). I dumped feeds that just show part of the post, since I rarely click over to read the whole article anyway (again, with the few exceptions of friends and 2 news blogs, one local and one national, since I don’t watch TV news and do like to at least see the headlines). I dumped some that I found interesting at one time, but was no longer connected to. I dumped several that I subscribed to because I thought they might be interesting, but never had any kind of connection to in the first place.

Then, I made some tough decisions and deleted some feeds that I still enjoyed seeing, and I still read more often than not, but when I thought about them they were still just fluff. They didn’t make me feel better about myself or my situation, they didn’t inspire me to do anything, they weren’t a negative influence, but they weren’t positive either. They were just there and taking up time and space.

I didn’t count how many feeds I had before, but I’d say that I probably ended up cutting almost 2/3 of them out. Hopefully this means that what is left will be blogs that I actually enjoy reading, and instead of spending time scrolling through fluff I’m not going to read, I can spend time interacting with the blogs I do enjoy.

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