What I Dream About

Do you sit around and dream about what things would be like if you had the perfect house? Do you imagine what features it would have to make your life easier? Or is that just me?

There are a lot of things on my list that are probably common to most dream houses. I want everyone to have their own space. I want to have room for guests to come visit. I want a large kitchen. I want a space just for art projects. I want a large yard for playing in and gardening.

I’ve not thought a lot about the specific design of a dream house, but I did think of one thing today. As Maxx was driving his toy cars through the kitchen I realized that it would be so nice to have at least one large, open space with hardwood floors. A space where I am not worried about what will be knocked over or run into. A place where we can send cars, balls, and other toys across the floor. A place where we can “ice skate” in our socks. A big room that is just for fun. That’s the kind of room I want in my house.

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5 thoughts on “What I Dream About

  1. Mike

    sounds good!!!

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  3. I love the house I live in right now…I just wish I could move it to Vancouver 🙂

    • Jennifer Lavender

      I’m so ready to be in a house period. I’m tired of apartments and miss the extra large yard we had in our last house. We’re going to start looking for a new house soon.

  4. Mom

    No matter where you live, there are things you can do right now to make your space closer to your dreams. You’re off to a good start with your goal to get your clothes under control. Little things, one at a time, add up to big changes in how you feel about your surroundings. Just don’t wait until “someday” to get started.

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