Nerdy Girls

I am not a fan of assignments to write about anything that you want. But, if I can write about anything I want, then I’m going to write about something I can share with you as well. But first, check out this video that was my inspiration for the assignment.

Nerdy Girls by Jennifer Lavender

It used to be that the word “Nerd” was looked on as an insult. A person who had been given that label was subject to teasing, bullying, and other inappropriate actions from those who felt they were the cool kids. But there are signs that mentality is beginning to change. People are starting to embrace the nerd title and don’t feel like they have to hide the things that make them a nerd, especially females.

Earlier this week I came across a fun music video posted on YouTube by Amy Lee Radigan. Nerdy Girls Need Love Too is all about a girl choosing to embrace the things that make her a nerd and asking others to accept and love her for it. Some of the things that she mentions or shows in her video include:

  • Video Games
  • Star Wars/Star Trek
  • Doctor Who
  • Comic Books
  • Super Heroes
  • Costumes
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Cartoons

In the final verse of the song, Radigan makes reference to one of my favorite nerds currently on television. The character Sheldon Cooper from the TV show The Big Bang Theory has drawn a lot of attention. His social awkwardness and finicky ways make him the most nerdish among a group of nerds on the show who all work together at a University. I love the show, and I love the character of Sheldon. He is a caricature of all things nerdy and I see pieces of myself in him and his colleagues.

Another person I think could be categorized as a nerdy girl is Felicia Day. She is a talented actress and writer who enjoys Science Fiction/Fantasy novels and video games. She has done work in TV and film, but my favorite work of hers is what she has done with The Guild, a web-series about a group who plays a MMORPG video game together. She created it, wrote it, stars in it, and has started making comic books about the story. It is fun to follow her on twitter (@feliciaday) and see her true person come out at the same time she is accomplishing so many neat things in the public eye. What an amazing example that those who might be labeled by others as nerds do not need to hide in a corner. They can go out and chase their dreams and accomplish great things.

I find myself drawn to math and science. I read a lot of books. My standardized test scores say my intelligence is above normal, yet I lack in common sense and street smarts in a major way. I enjoy trying out new technology. And the movies and characters that draw the attention of many a nerd catch my eye as well. I am a nerd too, and I love that I can be a nerdy girl without caring what other people think.

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