You Capture – Red

Ladies and gentleman, I want to introduce you to my lifeline:

While bright red is not a color I would normally have chosen for a phone, this hand-me-down has been wonderful. It sends me updates from Facebook, Twitter, and ChaCha. It brings me text messages and phone calls from family and friends. It lets me send text messages and make phone calls to family and friends. It contains the addresses of friends, family, teachers, mentors, businesses, and other people and places that I need to keep track of. It helps me feel more connected to the world around me. And that Yahtzee game that was downloaded before I started using it has saved me from boredom on many occasions.

It is also almost always covered in sticky baby fingerprints. It is frequently shoved in a pocket or bag, buried under whatever project I’m working on, dropped, lost in the couch cushions, misplaced, and otherwise abused. My girls borrow it to call their grandma or send text messages to their dad. Maxx just seems to enjoy watching what will happen when he pushes buttons.

This phone may soon be just a memory. At the beginning of May, when my contract is up, I will likely be switching to a new provider. Chances are I will get a new phone at that point as well. I’m almost disappointed to see it go.


Click the image for more Red.



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4 thoughts on “You Capture – Red

  1. I love my Blackberry 🙂 Just got a new curve!!! Funny how we get so attached to a piece of metal isn’t it? Great post!!

    • Jennifer Lavender

      If you had told me even 6 months ago that I would get attached to my phone I wouldn’t have believed you. But the closer I get to the end of my contract the less I want to let it go. It’s a good thing new phones are fun too.

  2. Oh how I have a love affair with my blackberry. I had the pink curve for a couple years & I just changed to the storm2 6 months ago. LOVE IT.

    • Jennifer Lavender

      I’m debating between a new blackberry or a droid for my new phone. I guess it will depend on what the phone company has available when we go in.

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