A Memorial

I went back and forth about whether or not to post about this on my blog. I decided that I want my blog to be a chronicle of real life, the happy and the sad, so I’m publishing this post.

January 20th I woke up to a text message from my mom. She had urgent news and needed me to call her. I assumed that something had happened with one of my grandparents. When I got her on the phone I found out that my Uncle Matt, my dad’s youngest brother who was just 48, had passed away suddenly that morning. The news was definitely unexpected.

In situations like this I never know what to say or what to do. There are others who are more talented at finding appropriate words and other ways to honor the memory of those we have lost. I feel like my words are nothing compared to what others have said and done.

What I can do, though, is follow the example of my children and just be there. None of them seem to fully understand what is going on, but if you need a hug, any of them are willing to give you a hug. So, Saturday evening I spent some time at my mom and dad’s house. We were there to give my dad hugs, and he needed as many of those little hugs as he could get. I was there when he talked to his sister and brother about plans that were being made and saw the hurt in his eyes. There was nothing that I could do, but I hope that being there gave him the support he needed while he dealt with what he said was one of the hardest thing he’s had to do, talk to his brother’s widow.

The coming week will be tough for our whole family. The comfort that we have comes from a knowledge of Heavenly Father’s plan for us and for Eternal Families. But there is still an ache, a sense of something missing. I just pray that we are all able to continue on, knowing that this is just part of the plan, and allow Heavenly Father’s Holy Spirit to bring us the comfort that it can.

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