Surviving Congestion Naturally

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Yesterday’s post, Explosion Imminent, was a short one because I really felt like my head was going to explode. I don’t usually have problems with allergies, and usually only get minor colds, so experiencing major congestion was a new thing for me.

I am not a fan of taking medicine, and I am especially not too keen on the idea of taking medicine I don’t need like the cold & cough mix that was in our cabinet. Add to that the fact that I am still nursing Maxx and many over-the-counter medicines are out of the question anyway. Thankfully, upon mentioning my congestion woes on Facebook, I was reminded about a neat little invention I had considered anyway, the Neti Pot.

Why a Neti Pot?

Very simply put a Neti Pot is a simple way to give your nose and sinuses a little shower. Using the force of gravity saline solution is pushed through your nose and helps to clear out any dust, allergens, or anything else that may be causing irritation. A Neti Pot allows you to naturally flush out what is causing the irritation instead of using chemicals to just treat symptoms of the irritation.

Did it work?

It was close to 8 pm last night before I got home and had a chance to try it out. I was congested enough that blowing my nose did nothing to help. After using the Neti Pot just once I could feel a release in pressure in my head. It didn’t immediately rinse everything out of my nose, but it did loosen it all up and I spent the next couple of hours before bed blowing out everything that I could.

This morning I woke up and was experiencing some more congestion, luckily not as bad as yesterday, and after one quick flush with the Neti Pot I am feeling better. When I blow my nose stuff actually comes out. Like I said, it isn’t an instant fix, but it does make a significant difference.

Have you ever used a Neti Pot before? What other solutions do you have for treating congestion and sinus problems naturally?

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