What I Wish He Could Understand

Maxx is 20 months old, and loves being Maxx. I sometimes tease that I should have known better than to name him after a book character who was known for causing “mischief of one kind… and another… [until] his mother called him “WILD THING!”” This boy excels at finding things to get into and causing mischief. It seems to be his goal in life.

But, even with the frustration of regularly wondering where he is and what he has found to tear apart now, there are also moments of peace and calm, mostly while he is eating or sleeping. He also loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses, something I hear a lot of little boys are not so happy to do. And, he has the best laugh ever. Just tickle him and you will find out.

I love my little man, and I love our life together, but there are some things that I wish he understood better, like:

  • Changing diapers is not meant to be torture, and if he would just hold still and cooperate it would be over much quicker without me having to pin him down in the process.
  • When I ask what he wants, an answer like “milk” or “apple” is more appropriate than “please”. I appreciate the manners, but I still don’t know what he wants.
  • Loud noises, even though they sound cool in the shower, are probably better reserved for times when he is outside and not right next to somebody’s ear.
  • If he would just give them a chance, his toys would probably be a lot more fun than all the non-toy things he tries to play with instead.
  • It’s okay to stop moving once-in-a-while, if for no other reason than so mom can get a picture that does not involve 1 or more parts of his little body blurry beyond recognition.
  • OK, so maybe he does stop once in a while, but those moments are far too few and should occur with much more frequency.

If I could find a quick way to help him understand all these things, I would do it. I think it would make our life much smoother.

What about you? Are there ever times that you wish your little ones had a better understanding of the world around them?

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3 thoughts on “What I Wish He Could Understand

  1. Your little one is *adorable*. OMG, so cute.

  2. Jennifer Lavender

    That is my little man!!

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