Perceptive Perspective: Around the House


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I feel like a complete slacker. Last week I thought ahead, chose the perfect photo, took the time to edit it, and it was a hit. This week, it took me a while to decide what to take pictures of, so they’re nothing fancy, and other than cropping out some of the extra background they’re completely unedited and totally yucky looking. Sorry there’ not much real eye candy to look at here.


Every year at the beginning of the year we like to buy new calendars. Every year we get different ones. These are the ones we got this year.

Japanese wood blocks, hanging in the dining room. We had a Japanese wood blocks calendar in the same spot last year. We love the art work and may make it a tradition.

The magnetic poetry calendar was my pick for the year. It is hanging in my kitchen near the refrigerator so I have an extra spot to put all those words when I pull them apart.

Bacon of the day. This is the only calendar that I did not buy on sale. I bought as soon as I saw it. We’re just a little obsessed with bacon around here. And, it had a magnet back, so it got stuck on the fridge. Where else would you keep a calendar all about bacon?

Usually we let the girls choose their own calendars. This year they weren’t with us when we bought them, so we chose this ZhuZhu Pets one that is hanging over Constance’s bed.

And this Star Wars one is hanging over Malia’s bed.

My husband usually gets a calendar to take to work, but he didn’t this year, and we didn’t get Maxx his own calendar because it would just get torn to pieces and make a mess.

Do you buy new calendars every year?

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One thought on “Perceptive Perspective: Around the House

  1. I got a calander from Hancock Fabric that has 4 coupons every month. It also has really pretty nature photographs.

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