Perceptive Perspective – A Fresh Start


Occasionally there are moments when I get really excited about an image I capture. This was one of those moments. (Click on the image for a larger view.)  On a windy day after a few snow flurries I went out and took some pictures.

The original version, unedited and uncropped.

I got home from my photo taking adventure and was quickly thumbing through them, zooming in here and there to get a better view.When I got to this photo and zoomed in I saw something that I hadn’t noticed with the naked eye. I love it when the camera picks up the details that I missed. The snowy mountain under the sun filtered through the clouds was beautiful in its own right, but the sight of the wind catching the snow on that distant mountain and blowing it around was just beautiful to me. I think I was more excited about this photo than I was almost anything else I captured that day.

Click the image to see more takes on the weekly theme.

Then, I thought about the upcoming theme for Perceptive Perspective and I knew that I would need to highlight my favorite part of this photo. When I think of a fresh start I don’t think of starting on something from scratch like many people do. I think of finding ways to reinvent what we have to give it a new beginning. Just like the wind was blowing around the snow, changing the landscape into something different from what it had been before, each of us can take whatever we have, give it a fresh start, and create something new and wonderful to us.

I hope this year I can take the talents I have been blessed with and reimagine how to use them to their greatest potential, giving myself a fresh start at showing the world who I am and what I can do.

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4 thoughts on “Perceptive Perspective – A Fresh Start

  1. Wow! That is gorgeous!!

  2. This was an amazing write and perspective. I love the photo you chose to represent it.

  3. Gorgeous photos. I love the first one.

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