The Ultimate Prize has Arrived!

Back in November I entered this contest: Harry Potter Ultimate Edition DVD and Blu-Ray player | 5 Minutes For Mom.

A few weeks ago I got an email that said I had been selected as one of the first prize winners.


Today I got a FedEx package that contained my Harry Potter DVDs. As soon as I saw who the package was from I knew what was inside it and couldn’t wait to get it open. I now have, in my hot little hands, 2 copies each of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition DVDs for Year 3 and Year 4. I so want to look at all the cool stuff inside, but I am afraid to open them. Is that weird? Maybe I’ll wait until my husband gets home and let him open them.

Of course, even after I open our copy I still have an extra copy of each that I have to decide what to do with. Do I give them away as a Christmas gift? Do I give them away as prizes for a contest on my blog? Do I sell them? Do I try to find someone who is willing to trade them for Years 1 & 2 so I will have a complete (so far) collection?

What would you do with the extra copies if they were yours? Leave me a comment and I just might send them to you!

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One thought on “The Ultimate Prize has Arrived!

  1. Emily

    You should give them to your sister who never wins anything in her life! šŸ˜‰

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