The Neighbor Motivation

I think I have the cutest little neighbor ever. She is 4-years-old, smart as a whip, and just about as adorable as they come. She and her family just moved in a few weeks ago. They are all very nice people.

Saturday she knocked on our door and asked if my little girl could come play. My girls don’t get out and play with neighbors often. Truth be told, I think I’m the strictest mom in our apartment complex and I really don’t like very many of the kids around here. So, when my girls go outside it is usually with supervision by me and we come back inside at the first sign of any little hooligan trying to influence my children into less than desirable behavior. But she is such a sweet little girl that I went ahead and sent the girls outside to play with her. I did make sure that windows were open so I could keep an eye on them.

They came back inside and played at our house for a while. Then they went over to her house and played for a while. It was a little weird not having any little girl noises in our house. Maxx was especially nervous and spent a lot of his time pacing and looking for them. I think he wanted to go play too.

This morning, while Mike was home for lunch, we heard a very excited little knock at the door, then the door bell rang, then there was another knock, then the doorbell rang about 5 more times. I bet you can’t guess who it was. She asked if the girls could play, so I told her that they needed to clean their room first and then I would send them out to play. I figured a play-date would be good motivation to actually get that room clean. Ten minutes later when Mike opened the door to go back to work our neighbor was still sitting on our step, looked up happily, and asked if they were done cleaning yet. We invited her to come in and sent her up to the play room with the girls. I don’t think she actually helped with the cleaning, but the girls kept working so I can’t complain.

Her mom came and picked her up to go to the store a little while later and the girls ate lunch and are back upstairs cleaning so they can play when she gets back. I could get used to this.

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