Internet ABC’s

Have you ever been curious to see what some of my most visited websites are? Well, fret no more! I’m about to show you.

I first saw this idea on Raising Olives and thought it would be fun to play along. If you want to play too, just open up an empty browser tab or window, type each letter, and then post the first site that it predicts you will want to visit.

A – Stevens Henager Angel Site, my online classroom (2 weeks ago, before I started classes, it would have been Ambleside Online, the curriculum we are using as the basis for our home school.)

B – My WP Dashboard for this site.

C – The login page for checking on my husband’s paycheck stubs.

D – Dixie Escalante Power – Gotta pay those power bills.

E –, a fun online site that pays me to answer other people’s questions. (Visit and enter as your referral for more information on what I do.)

F –, no surprise there.

G –

H – My Wordless Wednesday #2 Post. I must really like looking at this picture over and over.

I –, we spend a lot of time trying to remember who was in what movie around here.

J –, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I wonder if this will come up for L too?

K –, probably because I have been looking for lots of help with my knitting lately.

L – Does Homeschooling Violate Liberal Values? on Tinderbox, did come up second on the list.

M –, more bills to pay, and my bank was number 2.

N – The Non-Alarmist Guide to Avoiding Your Environmental Health Risks on Lifehacker, I don’t even remember when I pulled this up, but I do enjoy Lifehacker.

O –, Well what do ya know. It did make an appearance on the list!

P – The Princess Momma Chronicles, the site I wrote at before I started writing here.

Q –, more bills, and also fun ringtones.

R – Google Reader, let’s not discuss how much time I spend here.

S – Santa Clara City Swiss Days Celebration Information. (This is where I took the picture for the previously mentioned Wordless Wednesday post.)

T – TED, specifically the video on using bugs as pest control.

U –, again.

V –, again (and I don’t even log in very often)

W – WolframAlpha, a fun little computational knowledge engine. You should check it out.

X – stock.xchng, I use this to find stock photos when I don’t have a good photo of my own to use.

Y –, I check in on groups and email occasionally

Z – The Interactive Music Player for The Books in the New Testament

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