So In Love

I am in love with this boy.

Today he climbed up in my lap, looked up at me, and just smiled. Then he giggled, then he grabbed my hands and made me play pat-a-cake with him. How could any mother possibly resist something so sweet.

I stopped what I was doing.

We wrestled.

We tickled.

We hid.

We laughed.

We stuck our tongues out at each other and made silly noises.

We curled up on the couch and he nursed while I enjoyed holding him close. Then, he fell asleep laying on my chest. I laid there enjoying his weight on me and wishing that I could stay like that forever. For just a minute there were no cares or worries. I was just a mom, snuggling her baby, and I didn’t want to let go.

Eventually I did have to get up and finish fixing lunch for my girls. I carefully rolled over and helped Maxx snuggle in to the couch. When I came back he had his butt up in the air like a little stink bug. That seems to be his favorite position for sleeping, and every time I see it I just want to squeeze him.

Yup. I’m definitely in love with this boy.

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