Things I Learned in September

  • Never give the baby more food or drink than you want to end up on the floor, because most of it will end up on the floor.
  • Watching your kids at a parade is more fun than actually watching a parade.
  • The Twilight Series is one of the most challenged books for 2009. (I have only read a few pages of the first one and couldn’t stand any more than that. Not a fan, but still don’t think they should be banned.)
  • My jungle tree might be a calliandra haematocephala. Still not sure since ours has flowers year-round and the site says it only flowers in the winter. Ours also has bunches of flowers and the picture on the site looks like they come up one at a time. It is the closest match I have been able to find so far though.
  • Busy little boys are even busier when they have no big sisters to entertain them.
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