It Was a Mom Day

There are some days when it is just plain tough to be a mom, and yesterday was one of those days. If you don’t enjoy reading stories about poop and vomit, you may want to find something else to go do now.

It started off simply enough. I sent Mike off to work and then stayed up to write. I finished one article off pretty quickly and set it to post on Monday. Then, I started working on a second. My 3 babies were all sleeping, and I was enjoying the time to reflect on their births and think about what I would have done differently if I could.

Maxx reading - Day before yesterday when the blanket was still clean.

Maxx was the first to wake up, as usual. I rescued him from the bed, sat down and nursed him, and then put him in his high chair for a snack. He stayed there and I continued typing until he got bored. I pulled him out of the high chair and attempted to change his poopy diaper. Of course, Maxx decided he didn’t want to be changed. He kicked his feet, getting one into his diaper, and then grabbed that foot with his hand and rubbed it up against the blanket we keep on the couch. After cleaning up the butt, the foot, the hand, my arm, and everything else he managed to touch I got a clean diaper back on and sent him off to play while I put the blanket into the wash. He chose to torture his sleeping sisters by trying to sit on their heads and I finally settled him down to play and read some books and got back to writing.

When Mike got home for lunch he asked what had happened that made me decide to wash the blanket. (I had just washed it a few days ago.) He thought it was a funny story. I warmed up his lunch and he ate. Maxx willingly got back in the high chair and joined his daddy. While he was contained I moved the blanket to the dryer and started another load of laundry.

Crummy cell phone picture from a couple days ago, but it still makes me giggle.

Both of the girls were still asleep, which is a bit unusual. They are usually up before Mike gets home, or at least willing to get up while he is here, but both insisted on staying asleep. I should have known then that something was wrong. Almost as soon as Mike left to go back to work Constance sat up and started puking all over the floor where she had been asleep. Malia, who was sleeping next to her, woke up mad because some had gotten on her foot. I sent both of the girls to the bathroom to clean up while I gathered up the bedding that was on the floor. It got moved into the hallway to wait for an empty washer.

I told Malia she could go lay on my bed if she liked, and no sooner did she make it back there than she came running back out, trying to make it to the bathroom in time to puke in the toilet instead of on the floor. She didn’t quite make it so now I had spots in the living room, hallway, and bedroom that all needed to be cleaned up. I also had a 1 year old boy yelling to get out of the high chair because he was done eating and could not be bothered to stay there for even one more second.

I found a clean blanket, spread it out on the floor for the girls and gave them the puke bowl. When I let Maxx out of his high chair, the first thing he did was go attack his sisters. They are his usual playmates and he would not go anywhere or do anything without trying to get them to come along. Eventually he had to go back in the high chair so I could finish cleaning up without having to stop every 2 seconds to get him off his sisters. Eventually he fell asleep, so that’s where he took his nap. I was able to finish cleaning and my writing while he was contained. Malia and I even got in a chapter of Ramona the Pest before he woke up.

The rest of my afternoon was spent attempting to keep Maxx from sitting on his sisters heads or playing in their puke. Malia seemed to be doing OK, Constance had to use the bowl a few times. I did manage to get the clean blanket out of the dryer and back on the couch just in time for Maxx to have another poopy diaper that leaked. Guess where he decided to sit before I had a chance to grab him and get him changed.

Mike got home from work and luckily there were no more major messes. There was some movie watching, some hanging out, dinner (which Maxx spread all over his face and hair), and finishing up of the laundry. There were also lots of cranky looks when Constance was told it was not a good idea for her to eat. There were lots of angry looks when Maxx decided his sisters were in need of more torture. Mom even got a shower, although that was shared with Maxx, who needed dinner washed out of his hair and off his face.

So, yesterday I washed the blanket for the couch twice, both of the girls pillows, a load that had their blankets and sheets in it, and a load of clothes. I changed 2 stinky diapers and washed that same baby from head to foot. You’d think that would have resulted in a really good night’s sleep, but it didn’t. I slept good for a few hours, but most of the night I was half awake listening for someone to get sick. Luckily there was none of that until around the time Mike’s alarm went off to get him up for work today. Hopefully that means today will be much better and I might be able to take a nap.

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