Wordless Wednesday #2

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10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #2


  2. We were so preoccupied with what was coming down the parade route next we almost missed this. I just happened to look back at the right time and had to snap this picture really quick.

  3. Well, that’s one way to do it! 🙂

  4. That is hilarious!!! What a great picture to share for WW!

    We’d love to have you link up with us at The RHOK today. =)

  5. This is hilarious! I have bad memories of having to memorize are marching music now LOL

  6. I’ve never seen that trick! How hilariously clever. Masking tape is cheaper than music stands, right?

  7. Hahaha! Great pic!

  8. I have arrived! Someone…YOU…linked to me for WW!! Thank you so much!! That’s the first time I’ve seen that happen for my site! ♥

    Now, this photo is hysterical! I’d be the person in front moving around so the person behind me couldn’t read the notes! Just the kind of gal I am! Both of my girls were in marching band I never saw anything like this! Just priceless!

    Thanks for linking up at Woven by Words!

    • Jennifer Lavender

      So happy to send you some link love! I try to highlight a couple of different WW posts each week.

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