I am so excited to officially open Becoming That Family. This idea has percolated in the back of my head for a while.You see, I was really enjoying my experience blogging over at The Princess Momma Chronicles. It was a great place for me to keep a record of what our family was up to. I even created a sister site, Princess Momma’s Pictures, where I shared some of my favorite photos.

Even with as much fun as I was having with The Princess Momma Chronicles, It didn’t feel quite right to me. I wanted to change to something that was less about me and more about what I wanted to share with you. As I thought about all the types of things that I wanted to share with you (home school, alternative medicines, thrifty living, self-reliance, etc.) a thought popped into my head that our family was slowly becoming that family.

It seems like there is at least one of those families in every neighborhood. You know, the kind that seems to do everything a bit different from everyone else. I can honestly say that we never set out to be that family. In fact, from the outside we probably look as normal as anyone else. But our life journey is slowly turning us into that family. And that’s where the name of the site was born.

Through these pages you’ll discover more about our journey to becoming that family. We’ll share with you the changes we have made to the way we live. We’ll do our best to explain why we do things the way we do. We’ll share resources that we have found helpful. We’ll even share the bumps in the road we’ve come across and our experiments at different ways of living. And, hopefully, we’ll encourage you in your own journey to becoming that family, or at least give you some inspiration in some small ways you can make changes to your quality of life.

If you aren’t one of those families, never intend to be one of those families, and think we’re weird for aspiring to becoming that family, then you’re still welcome to join in. I will continue to post funny stories about what my kids are up to. I’ll still post my favorite photos. In many ways, this site will still be the same as The Princess Momma Chronicles. But, we’re definitely telling the story from a different perspective now, and it makes me excited.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Barbara Reiger

    I love reading all that you do and I am looking forward to following this site. It looks like it has been an amazing journey for you so far with fun adventures sure to come!! I’m going to enjoy sharing it with you.

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